Sell Your Car

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University Auto Recyclers of Pensacola Florida has the largest selection of late model parts in the gulf coast and we are in need of wrecked and damaged vehicles to keep up with the demand. We pay top dollar for your vehicle no matter what shape it is in. We welcome all Insurance Companies, For Sale By Owners, Parts Cars, Scrap Metal, Total Loss Vehicles, Rebuildable Titles, and more. We can Pick Up your damaged vehicle and pay you cash! Our local salvage yards specialize in cash for cars and cash for clunkers.

Reasons to sell your wrecked, damaged or junk cars for cash at University Auto Recyclers:

Your vehicle was in an accident and the damage exceeds the value of the car. Your insurance company might give you a check if your vehicle was paid off and you need to sell your totalled car.

You are a metal scrapper and need to recycle an automobile and get paid by the pound for scrap metal market value.

Abandoned Vehicles are another hassle. You just purchased some property and you need someone to remove abandoned cars left on the property from the previous owner.

You have a project car that you are no longer interested in completing.

You are moving or being transferred in the military and you couldn’t sell your car in time. Storage fees can be costly and it is really hard to sell a car when you are not there.

Your car or truck was damaged by weather such as floods, hail storms, hurricanes, or tree llmbs and your car wasn’t insured or they did not cover the damages.

An Auto Dealer will not give you fair market trade in value for your car. Sell it to us and use the money for a down payment instead of accepting an unfair trade in allowance.

Your vehicle has high mileage and is no longer worth repairing and has no resale value as a dependable automobile.